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New Upgrade – Arrow Preset v1.6

New Upgrade – Arrow Preset v1.6


Arrow Preset was the first Tool we ever created in late 2015, Now it’s got a new “face lift” and we are proud to release Arrow Preset v1.6!

this new upgrade is first in Upgrading all of our tools which we will release gradually in the coming weeks, we are exploring new ways, techniques and technologies to Expand and Improve our set of tools, so this is the first step in a big leap we will make the next period, so new tools will arrive (and some of them will be free!), so this is a very Exciting time for everyone here in VDODNA.


What’s new in Arrow v1.6?

  • A new compact and improved UI – One Effect to rule them all.
  • Single Reset Button that with Custom defaults.
  • Arrow Preset and Example Project files now supports All Languages.
  • Supports All CC versions (But Still Works on CS6).


How to Upgrade to the new Arrow Preset v1.6

  • If you bought Arrow Preset in 2017 you will get fresh Upgrade links to the new version to your email in the next few days.
  • If you bought Arrow Preset before 2017 you can upgrade your version until the end of march 2017 for a special upgrade price of $3.99, for that you will need to fill a quick Upgrade Request Form.

That’s it for now, more exciting news will follow- soon.


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