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New Upgrade – Time Presets v1.5

New Upgrade – Time Presets v1.5


Last October we released Time Presets- a new and easy way to create Digital Clock and timer animations, as a part of updating and refining our tools, Time presets got a new “Face-lift” and we are proud to introduce Time Presets v1.5.

This is the third Update we have our our tools. we created new VDODNA UI for all of our tools, and though Time Presets is relatively new, he got some cool new Interface to smooth the workflow and some “behind the scenes” improvements.

What’s new in Time Presets v1.5?

  • Time Presets got new compact and improved effect UI.
  • Single Reset Button with Custom defaults.
  • Time Presets and Example Project files now supports All Languages.
  • Supports All CC versions (But Still Works on CS6).

How to Upgrade to Time Presets v1.5:

  • If you bought Time Presets in 2017 you will get fresh Upgrade links to the new version to your email in the next few days.
  • If you bought Time Presets before 2017 you can upgrade your version until the end of march 2017 for a special upgrade price of $3.99, for that you will need to fill a quick Upgrade Request Form.

Even more exciting news are UP-AHEAD.



  1. On the minute of the timer how do I remove the 0? For a 5 minute timer I don’t want the 0 in front of the 5. Currently is 05:00 I need it to be 5:00

    1. Hi Briyan
      The “hide zeros” feature is available only in the digital clock preset for leading hours, but you can still achieve that on the the timer with a simple mask that subtracts the leading zeros.

    1. Hi shanthez, please watch the tutorial of time presets, if you have a specific issue or a question you can contact us through our contact page, so we can help you solve it. Best Regards

    1. Hi Shantez, The Time Presets Package contains the Presets, a TXT file which shows how to install the presets and a project file which contains live examples for learning and using the presets.
      After installing the presets you can create any kind of Digital Clock and Timer animations as seen in the tutorials.
      Feel free to contact us for any assistance regarding your Purchased Presets. Best Regards

    1. Send us through the contact page the exact time in the promo you wish to have as a project, and we’ll see what we can do… we are pretty generous from time to time 🙂

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