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One Click Parallax Free Script

One Click Parallax Free Script


The fastest way to build a 3D layers parallax in After Effects!

what does “One Click Parallax” do?

With a single click, all the layers in the composition will disperse in Z axis and scale automatically to preserve the 2D design, and also a camera will be created to orchestrate it all.

This tool is the brain child of two long-time friends:

Eran Stern, Adobe certified expert trainer in Video and Design, owner of sternFX and I- Liran Tabib, the guy behind the all tools on this site and to start his tutorials with the sentence “VDODNA, where the English is bad and the Tutorials are good”.

We also decided that One Click Parallax script will always be 100% Free, as a way to say thanks to our precious followers and viewers- so get your copy now! (before we change our minds…)




Watch the tutorial on SternFX

How to Use:

  1. Create a design from 2D layers
  2. Open the panel from Window->One Click Parallax
  3. Select the relevant composition panel/Timeline and press the “Create Parallax” button
  4. Play with the created Camera!



Download Content:

One Click Parallax.jsxbin– The script Files

Read Me NOW- How to Install .txt – Installation instructions

More Tools.pdf – More tools from VDODNA.com



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