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Analog Counter

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What is Analog Counter?

Analog Counter is a Time-Saving preset for designing and animating Analog Counters in After Effects (Odometers etc). The Only Analog Counter in After Effects with one Layer!

  • Text-Layer based.
  • 3 Analog Animation Engines
  • 10 Digits.
  • Intuitive and Simple Effects based Interface.
  • Fully Editable and very Flexible.
  • Works with all Fonts.
  • Fast Internal Motion Blur Engine.
  • CC-CC 2023 Compatible (Mac and PC).
  • Supports all Languages.

“My Crows Loved Counter Preset, I guess they’ll go CRAZY for this…”

Adam Duritz,  April 1980

Simple Native Interface

Create, Edit and Animate Numbers with amazing speed and simplicity.

Interface Features
  • Key-frame Based Animation.
  • 3 Powerful Animation Engines.
  • Control Decimal and non Decimal Numbers.
  • Change Dividers (,) to any standard format.
  • Change the decimal Point (.) to a comma (,).
  • Auto Spacing for Dividers.
  • Customize your animation Engine.

Watch the Tutorial

Effect Referance
Number Counter Type Digits Decimal Options Divider Mechanical Options Accurate Options Spacing Motion Blur
Animate this Property value to drive the Analog  Counter Animation.

Toggle between 3 Types of Analog Counters: Mechanical, Accurate and Analog.




Choose or animate the amount of digits in your counter from 1 to 10, or check the Auto Digits options to See only the relevant Numbers
Toggle between None, One or Two numbers and change Decimal point to a Comma.

This Menu Toggles the display of the Divider (every 3 Digits).

You can toggle between:

  • None–  10000000  (Default)
  • Comma– 10,000,000
  • Dot– 10.000.000
  • Space– 10 000 000
  • Apostrophe– 10’000’000 (as seen in  the example)

Here you can toggle the Jump Ease between changing number to its next.

Jump Ease On:

Jump Ease Off:

Here you can change two properties that decides how the Accurate Counter behaves:

Shortcut: The numbers change to their next value in the shortest way:

Minimum Rounds: The minimum round (full cycle) each number is animated to its next value:

These options allow you to space between the numbers by to parameters:

Decimal & Dividers: 


Analog Counter has a internal Motion Blur generator which is fast to render and on by default. you can change it to any number between 0 to 720, as the native motion blur in after effects.

Motion Blur: 180

Motion Blur: 90

What’s in the Package?

  • VDODNA folder– The Analog Counter Folder.
  • Read Me file– TXT file of How to install The Analog Counter, step by step, and how to be a better person.
Also check out Counter Preset…



  1. Such a great preset. Can you provide the analog counter example shown at the beginning of the video where the words analog and counter scroll?

    1. Hi Doug, Thanks!
      Analog Counter does not officially support word scrolling, that example was made by messing with the expressions built in the preset. With that said, we get a lot of requests for that feature, and we are looking into it to see if that’s a possible feature for future update

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