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New Upgrade – Counter Preset 2.0

New Upgrade – Counter Preset 2.0


Almost a year ago we released Counter Preset and since then numbers animation in After Effects were made easy, Now- it got a whole lot better and we are proud to introduce Counter Preset 2.0.

this new upgrade is Second in Upgrading all of our tools, and It’s Pretty extensive. We thought what can make Counter, which was already good, even better so we started from the bottom, but mainly we focused on ease of use for our users, and making old features work smoother and better and guess what? it worked! It worked so well, Counter is now Single Preset that can do all.

What’s new in Counter Preset 2.0?

  • Counter Presets are now ONE preset with an improved UI.
  • Counter Preset rearranged to a single Effect.
  • New and Easy Dividers Control.
  • Built-In Tool Tips for easy customizing you counter.
  • Single Reset Button with Custom defaults.
  • Counter Preset and Example Project files now supports All Languages.
  • Supports All CC versions (But Still Works on CS6).

How to Upgrade to Counter Preset 2.0

  • If you bought Counter Preset in 2017 you will get fresh Upgrade links to the new version to your email in the next few days.
  • If you bought Counter Preset before 2017 you can upgrade your version until the end of march 2017 for a special upgrade price of $3.99, for that you will need to fill a quick Upgrade Request Form.

That’s it for now, more exciting news will follow- soon.


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