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New Preset: ARROW!

New Preset: ARROW!


Finally! a great way to create arrows and control them in after effects with the Arrow Preset.

After making a lot of arrows in past projects, i noticed that it takes, disproportionately, a large amount of time to create and animate such a simple shape… an arrow. so I have decided to create a tool that will help me create arrows in a “SNAP”.After long time of playing and coding on the preset i had the chance to check it in a real project and i found out that without it it took me 5-10 minutes to create , animate and edit an arrow, and that is before the client even gave his comments (maybe i’m slow or lazy on Sisyphean tasks… but aren’t we all?). and i was glad to find out that with Arrow preset, it took me less than a minute… for a few arrows, and i was not concerned anymore about the client’s comments because i knew the fixes will be quick and easy!

Arrow Preset is designed not only to be simple and quick but also to work with After Effects shape layers and native effects, so you can achieve any kind of arrow you could think of with a few simple clicks.

After a few reviews and fine tuning of the Arrow Preset, it is now available for download, and even has a profound free tutorial on all of its features.

if you have Arrows on your project, or you just love After Effects, Arrow Preset is for you


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