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Counter Preset 2.0

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3D Count
3d Counter After Effects
Counter Preset After Effects
Counter Preset  After Effects
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What is Counter?

Counter is a Time-Saving preset for designing and animating any Numbers in After Effects.

  • Text-Layer based.
  • Infinite Numbers (+,-) and Formats.
  • Intuitive and Simple Effects based Interface.
  • Fully Editable and very Flexible.
  • Works with all Fonts (Mono-Spaced Recommended).
  • Supports all symbols like $, % etc.
  • CC-CC 2023 Compatible (Mac and PC).
  • Supports all Languages.

“After Using this AMAZING Preset, I’LL BE BACK to use it on every project”

arnold schwarzenegger,  June 2057

Counter Preset After Effects
Counter Preset After Effects
Counter Preset After Effects
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Simple Native Interface

Create, Edit and Animate Numbers with amazing speed and simplicity.

Interface Features
  • Familiar Start/End based Animation.
  • Fully Customize- to create any numbers format.
  • Control how many Decimal Numbers you Show.
  • Change Dividers (,) to any Letter/Symbol you need.
  • Change the decimal Point (.) to a comma (,).
  • Multipliers for easy Control and Animation.
  • Add Any Symbol or Text To your Numbers.
  • Infinite Numbers

Watch the Counter Tutorial

Counter Preset Tutorial After Effects
Effect Referance
Number Decimal Digits Decimal Comma Divider Symbol Right Symbol Left Symbol After (-) Multiplier

Animate this Property value to drive the Counter Animation.

Change the number of displayed digits after the decimal point (in this example the property is set to 2)

This Checkbox switches between a decimal point (.), to a decimal comma (,).

for number formats like France, Turkey etc.

This Menu Toggles the display of the Divider (every 3 Digits).



You can toggle between:

  • None–  10000000
  • Comma– 10,000,000 (Default)
  • Dot– 10.000.000
  • Space– 10 000 000
  • Apostrophe– 10’000’000 (as seen in  the example)
  • Layer Name– The effect takes the layer’s name and uses it as a Divider. for example if the layer name is && the Number will look like this-  10&&000&&000. So you can actually create any divider you wish just by Renaming the Counter Layer.

Double Click this layer to type your Symbol/Characters displayed next to the numbers.

in this example ( % ) were added to the layer.

This Checkbox toggles the visibility of your added Symbol/Characters, to the right side of the numbers. this Checkbox is on as a default.

This Checkbox toggles the visibility of your added Symbol/Characters, to the Left side of the numbers. this Checkbox is off as a default.

This Checkbox Moves your added Symbol/Characters, to the Right side of the (-) sign, in case you have a negative number and a Symbol/Characters displayed to the left.

This Value Multiplies the Number Value. can be used for Automated Animation for multiple Layers or achieving a bigger or smaller numbers Based on this value.

What’s in the Package?

  • VDODNA folder– The Counter Presets Folder.
  • Read Me file– TXT file of How to install The Counter Presets, step by step, and how to be a better person.
Also check out Analog Counter…



  1. This is a wonderful and well though of preset, a real time saver that solved all my counter needs and even let me do things I didn’t realize were possible to make so simple. A real nice and elegant workflow!

  2. How do I create two different symbols on the right and left side? Ex: $5.6M the dollar sign shows up on the right side too when I check ‘left symbol’

    1. Hi brooke
      The Counter Preset shows the same symbol on both sides, to work around this you can type both symbols and mask out the unwanted symbol on each side. To turn off the right symbol appearance, turn off the ‘Right Symbol‘ checkbox.

  3. Nice tool!
    Took some minutes to find out that you have to enter the Symbol character on the actual text layer (it seems evident afterwards), but other than that everything’s fine.

  4. Hello,

    I’m interested in this product, but before I purchase I wanted to ask a question. Does this plugin enable counting by multiples of any value?


  5. Thank you so much for making this awesome tool! I spent so much time trying to do a simple counter that went into the millions, but it was unsuccessful until I bought Counter! You guys ROCK.

    Counter is tested in CC 2017 and works great.
    Make sure you place the files in PRESETS folder as indicated in the “readme.txt” file.

  7. Hello, I’ve got After Effects in English, but I want to use the Italian preset. My aim is to simply using “.” instead of “,” when I separate the thousands.
    However when I do use the italian preset, all the expressions are messed up and it doesn’t work… Can you help?

    1. Hi su-wun, first you should only use the English version of the preset if that is your installed language. And to get a dot (.) divider instead of a comma (,) all you need to do is to change the comma (,) effect name to a dot (.).
      I hope this will help you achieve your desired effect. For further support please visit our contact page.

  8. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. Trying to get $ to show at the left of the number. I have the Left Symbol ON and the $ in the text but it’s not showing up. What am I missing? Thanks

    1. Hi Michael, it looks like you did everything right. but just to make sure, is it possible that you changed the name of the layer to $ instead of changing the content of the text layer with a double click?

    1. Hi Rick, everyone who bought our products in 2017 are getting the current upgrades for free, including you! Fresh download links were automatically sent today to all of our “upgrade-free” users. if you don’t see it in your mailbox (or spam-box), please contact us through our Contact Page.
      Best Regards!

    1. Hi Yariv thanks!
      Counter preset 2.0 supports almost infinite numbers, +- 10000000000. The old mega counter preset does that too, but less comfortably. Cheers!

    1. Yes Robert! You can open a scale and position animator with letter index instead of percent. Start value 0 end value 1. And now you can scale and move the dollar sign so it will look like a superscript.

  9. Hi Vdodna, your is fantastic. It saves me so much time. But is there any way to link your counter to a bar, line, or circle in an infographic so that the number counter controls the length of the bar/line or circumference? Thank you in advance.

      1. Thanks Vdodna, just figured it out. Love your plugin, it saves me so much time and it makes adding counters so easy! Worth every penny! 🙂

  10. Hi there, your preset looks great. Question: do you have to use a mono spaced font to avoid numbers jumping around, or gave you addressed this issue with this preset. Thank you

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