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Arrow Preset v1.6

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 Need Curved Arrows?

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“Simple things should not be complicated”

macaulay culkin, 126 B.C.

What is Arrow?

Arrow is a Time-Saving preset for designing and animating Straight Arrows in After Effects. Need Curved Arrows? Try ArrowHead

What’s new in Arrow v1.6:

• Arrow is now a single Effect with a compact UI.
• Arrow and Example Project Files now Supports all languages.

• Vector/Shape-Layer based.
• Intuitive and Simple Effect based Interface.
• Customizable Arrowhead (Polystar)
• Automated Design Features.
• CC-CC 2023 Compatible.
• Supports ALL languages

Jimbury - copy
Arrow Preset After Effects
3D Count - copy
Arrow Preset After Effects
Speedometer - copy
Arrow Preset After Effects
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“Arrow is a long overdue preset, finally an easy way to set up an and control arrow in a simple way, and most importantly – it’s super fast, saving time and helps keeping the focus on the actual animation instead of technical stuff.”
Tomer Gerbi
Tomer Gerbi
Motion Graphics Artist

Simple Native Interface

Create, Edit and Animate Arrows with amazing speed and simplicity.

Interface Features
  • Familiar Start/End based Animation.
  • Size and Ratio Sliders to control The Arrowhead proportions.
  • Ease Slider For Smoothing the Arrows Appearance.
  • General Color Picker.
  • Toggle the Appearance of the start/End Arrowhead independently.

Watch the Arrow Tutorial

Arrow Preset After Effects

Jimbury - copy - copy
Arrow Preset After Effects
3D Count - copy - copy
Arrow Preset After Effects
Speedometer - copy - copy
Arrow Preset After Effects
Speedometer - copy - copy - copy
Arrow Preset After Effects
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Effect Referance
Start End Length Size Ratio Show Appearance Ease Color



Moves the Right Arrowhead between 100- Right Edge, to 0- Left Edge




Moves the left Arrowhead between 0- Left Edge, to 100- Right Edge




Changes the total length of the arrow from 0 to any number you can think of…

this Slider is protected, so the lowest number is Zero.




Changes The Arrowheads Relative Size




Changes the arrowheads width/height ratio, so you can create slick/fat arrows




Toggles the Appearance of Start/End Arrowheads accordingly.

EaseWhen The Arrowheads Start/End Are close together, an Automatic Arrowheads Scale Animation starts. This slider helps to control the amount of ease:

Default 10 – when the distance between the Start And End is 10 the ease animatiom will begin.

100 – ease animation will be generated for all the duration.

-1< – no ease animation will be generated.




Changes the color of the Arrow…

What’s in the Package?

  • VDODNA folder– The Arrow Preset Folder.
  • Read Me file– TXT file of How to install The Arrow Preset, step by step, and how to be a better person.

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