Avid to AE subs script for After Effects

Avid to AE Subs is a Time saving and Free Script that imports an Avid txt file as text layers into After Effects Timeline. The beauty of this script is that all you need to do is to select a text layer and activate the script. This script was created to automate our pipeline in […]

ArrowHead v1.3.4 update

Updating to the new version of After Effects 2020 (build 17.0.5), causes early versions of ArrowHead to not load properly. Last week we successfully launched a fix for this issue with version 1.3.4 of ArrowHead. If you plan to update After Effects to this version please download the update from your account page. this update […]

Protected: Version Pro-Mo Course

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True Layer Duplicator Tutorial

  • Learn how to Duplicate comp hierarchy with a single shortcut.
  • Watch the main features of True Layer Duplicator Script.
  • Black Friday to Cyber Monday 25%OFF Sale!

    It’s that time in the year to get our great tools in a special price! Black Friday to Cyber Monday Sale 2018 will Crazily be active between Friday Nov 23 until Tuesday Nov 27. ALL of our Products and downloadable Project Files are 25% off! Purchase all you like and as many times that you want! […]

    True Layer Duplicator script for After Effects

    VDODNA 24
    True Layer Duplicator is a Powerful and Free Script that Duplicates a Comp hierarchy including subcomps for Layers and Comps.

    Analog Counter Project Settings in After Effects CC2019

    Update Available: Analog Counter v1.0.3 – fully supports CC2019 “JavaScript” Expression Engine. Get it from Your Account Page   Users of version 1.0.2 or Below (resolved in version 1.0.3): After Effects CC2019 has a new and improved Expression Engine called “JavaScript”, which extends the limits of expressions in After Effects Since Analog Counter was built […]

    Analog Counter Tutorial

  • Learn how to use Analog Counter for Number Count animations.
  • Use Custom Controls and Analog Counter Animation Engines.
  • Create Analog Counter With Only One Layer!
  • Black Friday Sale!

    It’s that time in the year to get our great tools in a special price! Black Friday Sale 2017 will Crazily be active between Friday Nov 24 until Sunday Nov 26. ALL of our Products and downloadable Project Files are 30% off! Purchase all you like and as many times that you want and use […]

    21. Seabed Underwater World

    VDODNA 12
  • Create a 3D Under-Water world with a Seabed.
  • Use advanced collapse transformations technuiqes.
  • Create infinite textures in After Effects.
  • New Tutorial! Seabed Under-Water!

    VDODNA 1
    In this Cool tutorial, you will learn how to create the a 3d environment, from after effects native texture engine- fractal noise. Creating Ginormous texture layers are not needed, since this tutorial shows a cool technique for changing the texture overtime with standard size layers. You should also catch the Loop expression tip, that drive […]

    How to easily Create and animate arrows in After Effects

    VDODNA 0
    Arrows are Simple graphic elements to create, But to animate? That’s a different story. but there are Tools that will make your arrow animations much easier and faster If you are here, you probably know that Arrows are an essential part of a lot of motion graphics projects. And you probably tried to create a […]

    20. ArrowHead Script Walktrough

    VDODNA 0
  • Learn how to use ArrowHead
  • Detailed view on abilities and controls of ArrowHead
  • 19. VA Precomp Time Script

    VDODNA 0
  • Change the Duration and Frame-Rate of Nested Comps in a Heartbeat.
  • Download VA Precomp Time Script for Free.
  • New Upgrade – Time Presets v1.5

    Last October we released Time Presets- a new and easy way to create Digital Clock and timer animations, as a part of updating and refining our tools, Time presets got a new “Face-lift” and we are proud to introduce Time Presets v1.5. This is the third Update we have our our tools. we created new VDODNA UI for all […]

    New Upgrade – Counter Preset 2.0

    Almost a year ago we released Counter Preset and since then numbers animation in After Effects were made easy, Now- it got a whole lot better and we are proud to introduce Counter Preset 2.0. this new upgrade is Second in Upgrading all of our tools, and It’s Pretty extensive. We thought what can make Counter, which was already good, even […]

    New Upgrade – Arrow Preset v1.6

    Arrow Preset was the first Tool we ever created in late 2015, Now it’s got a new “face lift” and we are proud to release Arrow Preset v1.6! this new upgrade is first in Upgrading all of our tools which we will release gradually in the coming weeks, we are exploring new ways, techniques and […]