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12. Photo-Realistic Earth in 10 min




  • Create a fast rendered Realistic earth in 10 min with Cinema4D.
  • Use smart Shading techniques to save time.
  • Be the master of your world.



  1. Project file does not arrive at the end, at 20Mb connection goes down!!! how can i download it?
    thanks and great tutorial

    1. Im having the same problem unfortunately? In all web browsers. Is there another way we can download these files? It says network lost connection. Really keen to do this tutorial – it looks incredible. Kind Regards.

  2. Excellent tutorial… I have been working with shaders for 6 years and loved the layer/alpha bit… so kewl so make them lights pop! Great tutorial!

    1. Hi Mike, there are a lot of things that can cause this, if you don’t feel like rendering a separated atmosphere layer you can always recreate it quickly with a blue solid and feathers masks. I hope this helps, cheers!

  3. Hey there, great tut, but under what licence are these image files? Are they public domain? Whats the source?

  4. Hi, I love your tutorial, but I seem to be getting stuck.
    At the 5:58 mark you use the Alpha layer for the clouds, when I did that on mine, rather than the clouds being see-through like on yours, it turns the entire earth white and grey, the outlines of the clouds are still visible, but where the bits should be clear to see the earth and water, all you see is white.
    Its probably just a simple fix, but I’m not too sure where I went wrong.

  5. Hi! Thank you for your tutorial, is really great! However I’m running in a problem at about 3:24. I’m missing the “layer” option from the texture menu in the luminance. I’m working on C4D Lite R19, do you know if the option has moved? In case I’m missing the function do you know if there is a work around?
    Thank you for your help!

    1. Hi! Cinema 4D lite, is missing a lot of features seen in this tutorial. It was made with the full version, so unfortunately there is no way around this…

    1. Hi Farid
      In some versions of cinema 4D (like lite version) sub surface scattering is missing. You’ll need a full version of c4d to use it.
      Best Regards

  6. i wanted to purchase it. But, it goes always `paypal` option …. i wanted to pay with my visa card. Though i am seeing visa card option is there…but, it does not work and goes always to paypal..any solution?

  7. Hi, when I tried to render it said asset error “Earth_Color_16k.jpg (Earth)
    Earth_night_16k.jpg (Earth)
    Bump_16k.tif (Earth)
    water_alpha_16k.png (Earth)
    clouds_8k.jpg (Clouds)
    ” were missing. I have the full version of C4D any idea?

  8. Hi, how do I download the files? I paid via paypal and logged in but it just takes me to a wordpress dashboard?

  9. Hello, Why can’t I download this project?
    PayPal is not working, maybe you have another market?
    Thank you.

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