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21. Seabed Underwater World


  • Create a 3D Under-Water world with a Seabed.
  • Use advanced collapse transformations techniques.
  • Create infinite textures in After Effects.



  1. Thanks for the awesome tutorial! Can you show us how you did your “SEABED AFTER EFFECTS TUTORIAL VDODNA.COM” text please?

  2. Hi Kori
    Thanks! You can download the project files, it has the titles within- you can experiment and change it to your needs.
    Anyway its a 3D text layer with an animation on it’s Z position and some turbulent displace for its deformation.

  3. I want to do what Jamie is doing (falling down, shawod, etc) but with some text. I’ve donwloaded the files but I’m not quite sure how to change it, any help? Thanks!

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