Liran, Teaching a motion designers class during covid

VDODNA was founded in 2012 with a mission to help VFX artists and motion designers, make their visuals more compelling and save time while working on a project. At the beginning this was achieved firstly by publishing tutorials that brings highly effective techniques to help artists create their vision faster. In 2015 The furst tool was released and since then, the main focus became creating tools that save time in any visual creators pipeline. Today VDODNA’s tools are used worldwide by leading studios and broadcast companies, helping them achieve effective visual results faster than ever.

About VDODNA’s founder: Liran Tabib

Before leaving Brain Science Class, Liran decided he needs something equally challenging, but with more fun in it. he turned to his loved hobby- Animation.

after playing around for a few years with softwares like Adobe After Effects and Softimage (formally known as XSI), Professional Projects began to emerge.

Today, years later, Liran is an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE), teaching animation softwares and post-production, in leading Design Institutes, and working with Broadcast companies and animation studios as a VFX artist and the lead developer of VDODNA’s tools.

this site and its content is the outcome of the passion and experience of the past years, the present projects and the fun years to come.

… and yes… he has a lot of curls…