How to easily Create and animate arrows in After Effects

How to easily Create and animate arrows in After Effects

How to easily Create and animate arrows in After Effects


Arrows are Simple graphic elements to create, But to animate? That’s a different story. but there are Tools that will make your arrow animations much easier and faster

If you are here, you probably know that Arrows are an essential part of a lot of motion graphics projects. And you probably tried to create a few in a manual way, which led to a lot of time wasted for each arrow in the project, in their creation, animation and fixing them for the project needs.

Arrows, are simple elements which comprise of a line and attached arrowheads, but are not so simple in animation due to their behavior which can be a pain for the mo-graph artist.

Although they are fairly easy to create in Photoshop and illustrator, in After Effects they are easy to produce (or even imported from Ai/Ps) they are not so easy nor quick to animate or edit.

There are a few tools out there that can help creating arrows and saving you a lot-time on the process. Two of them were created by us, and they are powerful and easy to use (and even cost-effective). These tools were tested in real industry projects during their development stage so they can answer any challenge we may encounter.


ArrowHead – for creating curved arrows with custom Head/Tail.

This robust tool is comprised of two powerful features ArrowHead Script UI Panel- for creating and editing the arrows and attaching layers , and ArrowHead Effect – for animating the arrows and using built-in Head/Tail.

ArrowHead is a full and complete solution, based on industry standard and needs, for creating any arrows a Motion Designer or a VFX artist can encounter.

This tool is filled with all the features that enables arrows creation, animation and editing command for quick and stable workflow with arrows inside After Effects.

But the biggest advantage of ArrowHead is the ability to Create or Edit Multiple Arrows at a time, without changing any animations or work done on the arrows before , which makes ArrowHead the most advanced Arrows Solution out there. See it in Action>>>

ArrowHead After Effects

Arrow Preset – for Creating and Animating straight Arrows.

This quick to use tool (just a double click) enables you to create straight arrows with polygon Heads (Triangles, Squares etc), with a cool automatic scaling of the heads in the beginning/end of the animation. Arrow Preset can be used also with the native Effects in After Effects to curve them as you need. See it in Action>>>

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