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  • Learn how to use Counter Preset for Number Count animation
  • Use the Multiplier Property to Animate Multiple Layers
  • Link Layers with Advanced Linear Expression
  • Create a Cool Road loop-animation.
  • Use Quick Loop Expression.
  • Use multiple Adjustment-Layers for effects layering.
  • Create 3D Animation from 2D Image
  • Use a unique technique to create fixed Ground Projections
  • Prepare your image in Photoshop with essential tools
  • Create a Bad-ass Effect without destroying your car
  • Track with Mocha in an advanced technique
  • Create smoke effect with Particular
  • Make a cool Graffiti writing/opening style
  • Learn to use the stroke Effect for Animated drips
  • Match the graffiti in a 3D Tracked Scene in ease!
  • Blur moving Face or a Logo in seconds.
  • Use the new CC Mask Track.
  • Erase yourself from embarrassing moments.
  • Create an Asteroid field in after effects.
  • Create a 3D Dynamic Fog.
  • Create a "semi" Z-Depth with Particular.
  • Create a Animated-Reusable Digital Clock / Timer.
  • Learn to use elegant time remapping Expressions.
  • No fonts needed!
  • Learn how to make a 3D cube /crazy disco ball.
  • Integrate 2D Effects with 3D layers.