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  • Create a Animated-Reusable Digital Clock / Timer.
  • Learn to use elegant time remapping Expressions.
  • No fonts needed!

Prefer our Time Presets tool?

Alarm Clock
Digital Clock Timer After Effects
3D Clock
Digital Clock Timer After Effects
Speedometer - copy - copy - copy
Digital Clock Timer After Effects
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  1. Do you have this file compatable with CS5.5? I just bought the project file, but it won’t work with my version. Thanks for your help

  2. Hey Greg
    Problem Solved! from now the project files are converted to CS5.5, the download link is waiting in your mail.

  3. Sorry I am new to expressions. I want to make a 20 minute countdown. I see where you said in the Time slider adjust to 600 (or 1200 I guess for 20 minutes). What exactly and I looking for on the Time slider?

  4. Hey Daniel, you are right- if you animate the time slider from 1200 (20*60) to 0 you will get countdown from the hour 20:00 to 00:00, which is exactly like from 20 minutes to 0 (with seconds..). but you don’t need to calculate the minutes every time, you can drag the time slider to make it easier…

  5. hey there Liran

    Awesome Tut, new to expressions, if i had to put in second before the minutes and hours what would the math be on that. you’re help would be much appreciated.

    1. Hey there Paul
      The best tip i can give you abut how to approach this is by multiplying everything by 60.
      the slider should reach 86400 (24*60*60) and all the remainders (%) should be multiplied too. for example remainder of 10 in the tutorial should be 600.
      the seconds needs to behave exactly as the minutes in the tutorial with no change. I hope this helps.
      it took me ages to respond!!! sorry for that. better late then never!

    1. cancel that.. stupid language-translation.. adobe just just keep code english instead of country…. Slider-name was the problem in german

      1. Hi Sascha! Glad to know the problem was solved. And it’s a good reminder for all of non English users how to fix this issue.

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