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True Layer Duplicator script for After Effects

True Layer Duplicator script for After Effects


True Layer Duplicator is a Powerful and Free Script that Duplicates a Comp hierarchy including subcomps for Layers and Comps.

It resembles True Comp Duplicator Just with a Twist- It works on Comp Based Layers!

This tool will duplicate all selected layers but will also duplicate the inner Hierarchy of the layers.

This will save you the time of manually duplicating and replacing the relevant layers (with or without TrueComp duplicator), while keeping the changes made to the original layer.

The installation is pretty straight forward and with a few steps you can set a Shortcut to launch the script as a regular command (Ctrl+Alt+D on PC / Alt+D on Mac).  Watch the Tutorial


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  1. Extract the True Layer Duplicator.jsxbin for the Zip file and place it in the Scripts folder:
    • PC: Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects ##\Support Files\Scripts\ 
    • Mac: Applications/Adobe After Effects ##\Scripts\
  2. Restart After Effects.

Setting the Keyboard Shortcut (CC2018 or Above)

  1. Open the Keyboard Shortcuts window from Edit Menu. (CC2018 or Above*)
  2.  Search for “dup” in the search field (figure #1), click the empty shortcut box right to the True Layer Duplicator.jsxbin and press Ctrl+Alt+D on the keyboard (Alt+D on Mac)(figure #2) and press OK to confirm.

Creating the Ctrl+Alt+D Shortcut (CC2017 or Below)


Select a Comp Based Layer in the Timeline and press Ctrl+Alt+D (Alt+D on Mac) Watch the Tutorial

** Original image by Marco Verch

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Release Log:

True Layer Duplicator v1.4.2 – 23/05/2019
  • Preferences alert for specific users
True Layer Duplicator v1.4.1 – 15/05/2019
  • Site Link improvement
True Layer Duplicator v1.4 – 19/04/2019
  • A new and improved Selective duplication algorithm
  • Duplicated Project’s panel Comps as well!
  • New comps are now in the origin parent folder
  • Duplicate multiple Layers/Comps (Just select and press the shortcut)
  • A new duplication summery window
True Layer Duplicator v1.2 – 31/12/2018
  • Algorithm improvement (Selective Duplication of nested comps)
  • Minor Bug Fixes
True Layer Duplicator v1.1 – 31/11/2018
  • Progress Bar Added
  • Minor Bug Fix
True Layer Duplicator v1.0 – 31/10/2018
  • Initial Release



  1. The popup windows after pressing Crtl+Alt+D does not close after duplicating the Layer. I get a “Done” but clicking on the X also does not close the popup window. I am on AE CC2018

  2. Thank you! Works great! Suggestion: if it could put all the duplicated precomps into one folder, that’d be awesome! Thanks again. Well done!

  3. In After Effects 2020 (French version), I have an error : “Impossible d’éxecuter le script à la ligne 174. undefined n’est pas un objet”

  4. Not working on mine. I have it in the shortcuts but nothing is happening. I’m trying to copy a folder in my project tab?

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