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Avid to AE subs script for After Effects

Avid to AE subs script for After Effects


Avid to AE Subs is a Time saving and Free Script that imports an Avid txt file as text layers into After Effects Timeline.

The beauty of this script is that all you need to do is to select a text layer and activate the script.

This script was created to automate our pipeline in “Reshet 13” channel, between the offline Avid editors and the Online After Effects editors and saved us tons of hours and tears!

This will magically create text layers with the right content at the precise timing according to Avid’s timeline, and visually based on the selected text layer.

This will save you the time of manually creating the text layers, which is the most boring job that you can do… I’d rather flip burgers instead!

The installation is pretty straight forward just placing a file in the Scripts folder.


Update: Avid to AE subs is now part of AnySubs. 

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  1. Extract the Avid to AE subs.jsxbin for the Zip file and place it in the Scripts folder:
    • PC: Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects ##\Support Files\Scripts\ 
    • Mac: Applications/Adobe After Effects ##\Scripts\
  2. Restart After Effects.

How to use:

Export TXT file from Avid:

  1. SubCap -> Export Caption Data
  2. Select the “Avid DS Caption file” and Export

Import TXT file to After Effects:

  1. Select a (reference) text layer in the Timeline.
  2. Activate the script (File->Scripts->Avid to Ae Subs.jsxbin).
  3. Select the Avid subtitles file (*.TXT) in the script selection window.
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Release Log:

Avid to AE subs v1.0 – 10/04/2020
  • Initial release


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