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Analog Counter Project Settings in After Effects CC2019


Update Available: Analog Counter v1.0.3 – fully supports CC2019 “JavaScript” Expression Engine.

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Users of version 1.0.2 or Below (resolved in version 1.0.3):

After Effects CC2019 has a new and improved Expression Engine called “JavaScript”, which extends the limits of expressions in After Effects

Since Analog Counter was built with the “Legacy ExtendScript” Engine, a few glitches might appear.

Until the next update of Analog Counter, which will include full support of the new Expression engine, it is recommended to work with the “Legacy ExtendScript” Expression Engine while using Analog Counter in a project.

This will ensure that Analog Counter, will not encounter stability and error issues.

Switching to Analog Counter’s legacy engine is fast and easy with these three steps (marked in the screenshot):

1. Click on the Project Settings button
2. Select the Expression Tab
3. From the dropdown menu select the “Legacy ExtendScript” Option.

Now you’re all set!

Thanks for using Analog Counter and see you in the next update!


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