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Time Presets v1.5

Time Presets are Digital Clock and Timer Presets for After Effects. Time saving, easy to use, fully editable, Auto/manual Animation

17. Time Presets Tutorial

  • Learn How To Use Digital Clock / Timer Presets
  • Use Layer Styles to Create Led Digits Look
  • Time Presets 48H Freebies

    Hi There!! Time Presets are yours in a second from now. By Pressing the “Download” button you confirm signing up to our Newsletter. Don’t worry, we only send good stuff like new tutorials, blog posts and General updates (max twice a month), so you will be updated with our latest posts. Your privacy is important to us so we won’t […]

    16. Realistic Rock / Asteroid in 6 min

    VDODNA 4
  • Create a Realistic Rock/Asteroid in Cinema 4D
  • Use the Shaders to Create detailed procedural Texture
  • Use the Displacer to Create Rigid-Body Simulation
  • 50% OFF on Everything!

    We Recently Upgraded Our Site to Stronger Servers and a Powerful file distribution system, so everything will go smoother. And so you could check it out, we granted all VDODNA visitors a Crazy 50% Discount on all purchases on the site. A few upgrades will come soon to make VDODNA even more Cool and Smooth […]

    15. Slime Text Reveal

    VDODNA 2
  • Create an Organic Slime Texture animation
  • Learn to how use CC Image Wipe effect
  • Too Late

    VDODNA 0
    OH-NO! you missed this 48H Offer! Don’t worry, You can still get your copy through our Products page. But if you never want to miss any offer like this – like our Facebook page or subscribe to our YouTube Channel, and you will always be updated with the latest Tutorials/Offers/Tools and Freebies. Have a nice day! VDODNA team […]

    Counter Preset 2.0

    VDODNA 47
    Counter Preset is a Time-saving preset for after effects. based on Text layers, easy to use, fully editable, for making Number Count animations in seconds.

    14. Counter

    VDODNA 0
  • Learn how to use Counter Preset for Number Count animation
  • Use the Multiplier Property to Animate Multiple Layers
  • Link Layers with Advanced Linear Expression
  • 13. Endless Road

    VDODNA 0
  • Create a Cool Road loop-animation.
  • Use Quick Loop Expression.
  • Use multiple Adjustment-Layers for effects layering.
  • New Tutorial in C4D! photo-Realistic Earth in 10 min!

    This new Earth tutorial is an adaptation of the early technique shown in one of the first tutorials on VDODNA.com within Softimage RIP. As a Softimage user it was hard for me to find out that there will be no more development and Autodesk decided close it’s softimage product line. But this “move” helped me […]

    12. Photo-Realistic Earth in 10 min

    VDODNA 33
  • Create a fast rendered Realistic earth in 10 min with Cinema4D.
  • Use smart Shading techniques to save time.
  • Be the master of your world.
  • New Tutorial! 3D Picture in Picture!

    This tutorial will Teach you how to make a 3D Picture in picture animation- but a little bit different. I’ve seen a lot of techniques of this kind in after effects, how to take a 2D image and make 3D animation with it, but something was missing… yeah, we all know that we need to break the image […]

    11. 3D Picture in Picture

    VDODNA 0
  • Create 3D Animation from 2D Image
  • Use a unique technique to create fixed Ground Projections
  • Prepare your image in Photoshop with essential tools
  • Overshoot- the missing animation principle

    VDODNA 1
    Instead of bashing the head against the wall, the “Gods” of animation gave us the 12 principles, which makes any animation better while utilizing them. part of the Animation principles are a translation of the physical forces surrounding us and determine how an object moves (Gravity, friction, inertia etc’), and it’s important that those forces […]

    Protected: Render Brain Beta

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

    New Tutorial! 3D Glass Reflections!

    In this Tutorial you will learn how to create 3D Glass Reflections in a Cool/mind bending technique (because a little exaggeration is always good…). It’s been a long time that i want to share this technique, because it’s fun, really easy and also explains a few things about how things work under the hood of […]

    10. 3D Glass Reflections

  • Create slick 3D Glass Reflections to any logo or layer
  • Use smart Techniques to connect Text layers
  • Learn on lookAt expression in 3D and 2D Space
  • Headtrack Showcase: Stick the Bandana

    A surprising way to create a head-track in After Effects so you can fit a fabric on a rotating head or any other curved surface. (567)